We’re Moving


I’m very excited to share that Ken’s blog has moved to a new home at www.kenjaques.com. All of the old blog stories have been copied over to the new web site and many new features have been added.

Home Page and About Ken — These sections provide more background into “Ken’s story” and the messages that he is sharing.

Sign Up — A new sign-up option has been provided. If you don’t want to miss any blogs, or if you’d like to be made aware of any online courses or upcoming speaking engagements in your area, why not sign up to stay in touch.

Guest Blogs — The Guest Blog section is to highlight like-minded individuals who want to share their stories. Check it out. If you’d like to contribute please send an e-mail to ken@kenjaques.com.

Community Involvement — The Community Involvement section is a call for stories. We’d really like to hear from you if you have a story that you’d like to share. We may even include the story in an upcoming blog, with your permission of course.

Speaking Engagements — Ken is available for several types of speaking engagements as highlighted in the Speaking Engagements section.

We hope you like the new site, and look forward to continuing to share stories.

Namaste, Ken


About Ken Jaques - Enlighten . Empower . Change

Ken Jaques describes himself as a Pathfinder, Guide, Community Builder, Leader and Speaker. He loves encouraging people to shine a light on their fear and live all their dreams. [Enlighten] - examine your limiting belief systems, [Empower] - enable your Authentic Self, [Change] - STEP into your own greatness Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kenjaques23 Twitter: @kenjaques E-mail: ken@kenjaques.com
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