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Ken Jaques describes himself as a Pathfinder, Guide, Community Builder, Leader and Speaker. He loves encouraging people to shine a light on their fear and live all their dreams. [Enlighten] - examine your limiting belief systems, [Empower] - enable your Authentic Self, [Change] - STEP into your own greatness Facebook page: Twitter: @kenjaques E-mail:

Is Today the Day?

Is Today the Day? Is today the day you have that a-ha moment about something? Is today the day that you start your gratitude list? And the more you realize what you’re grateful for, the more you also realize that … Continue reading

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We’re Moving

Greetings, I’m very excited to share that Ken’s blog has moved to a new home at All of the old blog stories have been copied over to the new web site and many new features have been added. Home Page … Continue reading

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Are You a Health Care Evolutionary?

What do you call yourself? If someone asked you that question, how would you answer it? Some of you might say that you’re a doctor, a lawyer or a priest (that sounds like the start of a joke, doesn’t it?). … Continue reading

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Our Bodies Can Heal

What do you get when you mix a success story, a law and an old belief system? If you shake it up real well, you just might come out with a new belief system. The Success Story I was listening … Continue reading

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The Power of “WE”

Will you have more success by co-operating or by competing? In one of my earlier blogs regarding the concept of Love vs. Fear, I wrote about two comparisons of love and fear being Community vs. Alone, and Cooperation vs. Competition. … Continue reading

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Finding Your Passion

Is there something in your life that you are truly passionate about? Maybe it’s singing, dancing, being a life or a business coach, travelling. Maybe it’s being the best mother, or father, or grandparent that you can be. Maybe you … Continue reading

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The Wake-Up Call Before the Wake-Up Call

Are You Hitting “Snooze” On Your Alarm Clock? I was conversing with someone this week that commented that a lot of people who are in our age bracket are mindlessly moving through their life wondering if this is how it … Continue reading

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